truth song

how the spiritual folk do condemn
& they blame (or they think it’s a shame)
when my love doesn’t fit in their boxes
and though it may seem such a shame
all the same, it’s a game
i have chosen to play
and my heart’s at the stake
so i’d better keep straight
on the path, on my path
through the trees & the dark
but the dark is my friend
that i want to embrace
and the more i explore
i discover the face of my
Love is the dark as well as the
light is the non-path
as well as the path that delights you
so my path may not look
like the path that you know
it may even be so that it looks
not at all like a path, not to you
but i promise you, darling,
i stick to my path through
& through, true & true
and perhaps even truer

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Pi to me a Kingdom is


Pi to me a Kingdom is.
Such perfect joy therein I find,
that it excels all other bliss
that world affords or grows by kind.

Though much I think I feel I want,
and still my mind permits to crave,
Infinity goes on and on,
the splendour falling wave on wave.

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Swastika Ban Attempted Again In Europe

Flag, by Premasagar

The European Union is seeking again to ban the swastika symbol. There has been a flurry of debate about the vastly different meanings the symbol has to different cultures.

This has centred on the feelings of the German nation, European Jews and Hindus.

From YNet News (via Anarchaia):

Germany plans to use its presidency of the EU to launch an initiative which could lead to common laws across the bloc making it a crime to deny genocide and display Nazi symbols.

“The swastika has been around for 5,000 years as a symbol of peace. This is exactly the opposite of how it was used by Hitler,” said Ramesh Kallidai of the Hindu Forum of Britain.

“It is almost like saying that the Klu Klux Klan used burning crosses to terrorize black men, so therefore let us ban the cross. How does that sound to you?”


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Song Bird

Bird Song

‘Inside, inside!’, the Song Bird cried;
inviting me to go within.
So sweet across the great divide,
I heard It softly calling.

‘But how’, I asked ‘should I begin?’
‘which road am I to follow?’.
‘Fear not’, It sang, ‘go in, go in’,
‘I will be there to guide you’.

At first just He, then He and me,
then He alone therein I find.
My soul in burst and flying free,
I live for Him and serve mankind.

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Second Life: An Ideal Society on the 3D Web?

Although you're far... (by ~Aphrodite)

At the recent SLDevU conference in London, I understood the vision behind the online virtual world, Second Life, to a much deeper level: a platform for the 3D Internet – a richer, more compelling and more collaborative space for information and communication than our current, flat-screen Web.

A Collision Of Worlds (by Kisa Naumova)

Created by visionary programmers and inhabited by curious explorers, soul seekers, revellers, entrepreneurs and a frenzy of big-bucks brands, I wonder if we could turn this new Frontierland into something greater than our First Life?… Continue reading

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